Our 40 Hour Crisis Intervention training is designed for sworn and non-sworn officers: police, sheriff deputies, corrections, park police, transit police, DNR officers, state troopers and security officers, and is POST accredited. Over the years, our training has expanded to include other first responders; fire fighters, EMT’s, paramedics, dispatchers, hospital staff, social workers, and others. Anyone who may be in contact with someone experiencing a mental health crisis will benefit from our crisis intervention training. Such training supports a more collaborative relationship with law enforcement, first responders, community agencies, and the person in a time of need. 

Currently, our 40 Hour CIT certification training is focused towards a law enforcement audience because of the new POST-mandated training requirements. However, MN CIT has curriculum for non-law enforcement audiences as well. These classes are offered upon special request, as well as adaptations made to current trainings.

Our Mental Health Awareness class is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about mental health with an overview of the most common mental health conditions. Additionally, we have an 8-hour class focused on Autism Spectrum Disorder and Implicit Bias and Cultural Considerations. More information on this one-day class can be found on our Courses page.