What To Expect

As former law enforcement professionals, we understand and appreciate the difficult job officers have today. Our training is designed to exceed the 2018 POST requirements, is performed in a respectful and professional manner, and utilizes professional actors during the scenarios. We believe that our training exceeds all others because we are law enforcement professionals training law enforcement professionals.

We use a combination of lecture, discussion, activities, and role-plays. We believe in “peer-based training.” In other words, cops should be talking to cops.

We also bring in other stakeholders, so you can hear directly from consumers of mental health services, family members, local mental health providers, community resources, court services, advocates, military re-integration, and current CIT officers. However, the majority of the time, you will be hearing from other law enforcement personnel who are sharing real-life examples and insights. You’ll benefit from their successes, their challenges, their experience and their wisdom.

The 40-hour class is a full week of class. The first day features several speakers, guest speakers, and some interactive sessions. The rest of the week highlights speakers and role-playing scenarios. For sample class agendas, click here.

Learning objectives for the 40-hour class include:

  • Develop an understanding of the struggle on both sides in responding to mental health crisis calls
  • Meet community mental health professionals and consumers to promote mutual understanding

and communication

  • Learn what resources are available to all
  • Define, learn, and practice skills necessary for successful CIT work
  • Role-play exercises with professional actors
  • Officer wellness
  • Dress Code for all our classes is business casual. However, for the 40-hour class, full uniforms are required on the last day.