Our training curriculum is already developed, and our classes are consistent. We use experts to teach the classes, and we hire professional actors to make the scenarios as real as possible. Our training is based on the widely recognized Memphis Crisis Intervention Team model.

Classes are held throughout the year. Participants can check the calendar page and register for classes online.

Yes, our training director can help set this up. Please contact Jerry Hutchinson, training.director@mncit.org.

Classes are limited to 30 participants for maximizing learning outcomes.

Yes, in fact our training meets and exceeds the new 2018 POST requirements.

At the successful completion of the class, you will receive a certificate.

Classes are taught by professionals with law enforcement backgrounds who have also completed the class. Please see our team bio page for more information. [link to bio page?]

For successful completion of the class, all sessions are mandatory. POST requires that an attendee not miss more than 4 hours of class. If you have to miss a day, the class must be made up in order to receive certification. Classes can be made up with other training groups. Please talk with your class facilitator to arrange this.

Please notify the class facilitator as soon as possible.

The first four days you will be on your own for lunch. MN CIT will provide lunch only on the last day of class. For lunches that are sponsored or provided by MN CIT, the lunch period will be shortened to 30 minutes.

Uniforms are only required on the last day of class. This is to increase the reality during role-play sessions. Please feel free to dress business casual during the first four days of class.