Steven Blackwell

Board Chair

Board Position:  Board Chair

Career/Position outside of MN CIT:  National Outreach Director, Homes for Heroes/Homes for Heroes foundation

Why you agreed to serve on the Board for MN CIT:  Throughout my Law Enforcement career I have been involved in the Crisis intervention / mental health response initiatives for first responders. From the Mental Health roundtable steering committee in the years prior to the formation of the CIT program to instructing in today’s CIT training courses. CIT has clearly made a dramatic impact towards the safe outcomes of CIT events involving Police and other first responders. As a person with loved ones affected by mental health challenges CIT and its mission are very near and dear to my heart. Being a part of this impactful program is a fitting way to ensure our first responders get the best training possible for our communities.

Your vision for MN CIT:

  • Expand the availability of the CIT programs through blended and distance learning initiatives
  • Grow the CIT footprint nationally
  • Stay on the cutting edge of training doctrine and principles
  • Expand CIT’s partnerships with our external stakeholders

Law enforcement experience:  Officer, Sergeant, Investigator, Executive Officer: MINNEAPOLIS POLICE DEPARTMENT 1989-2010 and Chief Deputy, Emergency Manger, PIO: PINE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE 2010 -2014

What’s your favorite quote, philosophy, or encouragement?  “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond”