Ryan Van Gundy

Education Coordinator

Ryan has been with MN CIT for just over a year, his position as Education Coordinator is very important to the organization. He helps MN CIT by keeping the educational material that MN CIT presents up to date with the most current peer reviewed research on mental health. In this role, he also brings in presenters who have experience in the forensic mental health field.

He has a unique perspective for being able to help MN CIT and those who attend class, he received a Masters degree in Forensic Mental Health and works as a School Resource Officer at a level four special education school, through these experiences he found that he has a talent and passion for working with those in crisis. He uses this first-hand knowledge to improve the quality of the MN CIT training.

Ryan has worked in the law enforcement field since 2012. He is currently a Deputy at the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office. This year is the is the start of his third year working at Dakota Ridge School in Apple Valley, a level four special education school as a School Resource Officer. He is a Crisis Negotiator for the South Metro SWAT Team and holds a Master Degree in Forensic Mental Health from Concordia St. Paul. Ryan is also the Team Lead on the Peer Support Team at the Sheriff’s Office. He has completed specialized training in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder for Forensic Evaluators and Advanced Motivational Interviewing in Community and Forensic Settings. He also belongs to the City of Northfield’s Alliance on Substance Abuse Prevention. He has a strong understanding of mental health and the criminal justice system. Ryan has extensive knowledge with trauma in the criminal justice system, especially pertaining to the juvenile population.

His favorite quote is “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” -Jim Carrey