Richard Peterson

Board Member

Board Position:  Board member

Career/Position outside of MN CIT: Retired 35-year LEO from Washington County and the State of Minnesota Department of Commerce, (Fraud Bureau) as a special agent. I currently work for Northwestern University, Evanston in their undergraduate course work titled: School of Police Staff and Command.

Why you agreed to serve on the Board for MN CIT: I have had a close working relationship with both the Executive Director and Clinical Director of MN CIT.  I felt by bringing my perspective of the topic of wellness would be beneficial to both the classroom participants and to the MN CIT board as well.

Your vision for MN CIT: For MN CIT to become the premier training center for the entire State of Minnesota on the topic of Crisis Intervention Training.

Law enforcement experience?   35-year law enforcement professional with the following experience:

Started my LE career with the Minneapolis Park Police in 1977; Owatonna, MN police officer, 1978-1981; Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Stillwater, MN, 1981-2004; Minnesota Department of Commerce, Insurance Fraud Division, 2004-2014; Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety, 2008-Present

What’s your favorite quote, philosophy, or encouragement?

“To love what you do and feel that it matters, how could anything be more fun?”  Katharine Graham, American Publisher.