Rhett Romsaas

Board Member

Board Position:  Board Member

Career/Position outside of MN CIT:  Voice Actor/Dancer/Administration/Customer Service

Why you agreed to serve on the Board for MN CIT:  I’ve been working with Steve Wickelgren for over 11 years now. It started as just another job for a local actor and came to be something so much more in the last 3 years. I agreed to be on the board because I believe in the work we do and I hope to provide a unique perspective that is outside the realm of Law Enforcement.

Your vision for MN CIT:  My vision for MNCIT is fairly simple: If this training, combined with the role play, can help Officers and Civilians stay safe, gain a better understanding and respect for each other, it’s worth working towards with everything we’ve got. Hearing someone say, “I’m going to ACTUALLY use this!” is the best thing ever.

What’s your favorite quote, philosophy, or encouragement?  “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple” Dr. Seuss