Nancy Masson

Records Manager

Nancy has been part of MN CIT since 2016.   She is our records manager. As part of her duties, Nancy communicates with the the POST Board and helps to ensure that all class attendees receive the appropriate number of credits after attending any of our trainings. She also helps in maintaing all of MN CIT records, as well as sending out certificates to each class attendee at the completion of each training.

Nancy came to work with MN CIT because she has had family members impacted by mental illness.  She’s seen great improvements over the years and knows that there is still a lot of work to be done to help those with mental illness.

She has friends and family in law enforcement and has been on the other end of the phone calling law enforcement due to someone else being in crisis, she truly understands the need for CIT.

A couple of her favorite quotes are:

When the body is injured it feels pain……when the mind is injured it feels agony!

Some people cross your path for a reason.  Thank you for crossing mine!