Gennae Falconer

Executive Director

Gennae Falconer is the Executive Director as well as the Learning and Development Coordinator for MN CIT, she’s been working with MN CIT presenting in the 40-Hour CIT Certification class since late 2016. In her role with MN CIT, she facilitates learning as a presenter for the mental health information part of the course. In addition, she works with other staff, presenters, and facilitators to help create a positive, engaging, and meaningful training experience.

In her full-time work, she’s involved serving folks with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) in the community. She, the staff, and the people they serve are interacting with law enforcement for various reasons, and desire to have strong helpful relationships with all parties. Gennae is involved with MN CIT because the organization provides opportunities and experiences to share back with those who are dealing with mental illness, and facilitate education about how folks with SPMI can effectively work with their local law enforcement to be able to be better served in their community.

While Gennae is a mental health professional, her brother is a police officer, and that serves as additional motivation to make sure that law enforcement personnel have access to the best training available to understand and help people who are in crisis, for the officer’s safety as well as the person in crisis.

Her favorite quote of encouragement is, “Learning never exhausts the mind”, from Leonardo di Vinci.