Dr. Pat Nelson


Board Position: Secretary

Career/Position outside of MN CIT:  Associate Professor, Law Enforcement Program Director at Minnesota State University, Mankato

Why you agreed to serve on the Board for MN CIT:  I saw the value of CIT when I was an officer for the Minneapolis Police Department and I now encourage my students to pursue this training once they become licensed officers. The communication skills and decision making that is taught in this program is valuable for all encounters and I wanted to support the organization.

Your vision for MN CIT: MN CIT should be the gold standard of crisis intervention training in the Midwest and be accessible to not only law enforcement professionals, but other first responders that would benefit from the training.

Law enforcement experience: 1997-2013 at a Minneapolis Police officer and Sergeant. 12 years as a SWAT Crisis Negotiator for MPD.

What’s your favorite quote, philosophy, or encouragement?  Communications is the key. Communications is important not only in the profession, but also in life and the use of proper communication skills and decision making will encourage the best outcome possible.