COVID-19 Statement

As the COVID-19 situation continues to escalate here in the US, it directly impacts the availability of our
customers and staff. As the majority of our customers are First Responders, we acknowledge that public safety
must come first and staffing home agencies is a priority at this time.

With this in mind, MN CIT is taking proactive measures to protect the health and well-being of our staff,
customers, presenters, and other stakeholders. MN CIT has made the decision to suspend all classes
through the end of May. As the situation unfolds, we will reassess the classes that are scheduled beginning in
June and will communicate any changes. At this time, all remaining March, all April, and all May classes will
not be held. If you are registered for a class, our Training Director, Jerry Hutchinson, and his team will be
reaching out to everyone to reschedule classes. Please feel free to email him

A few notes about MN CITs operations during this time:
• As of today, there are no reported Covid-19 cases among MN CIT staff or family members.

• Our MN CIT office is closed through the end of May. Staff have been instructed to not to come to the office.
• All of our staff are able to work remotely, and so operations can continue during this time. Staff will be
available to answer questions, schedule classes for the summer/fall, and work on rescheduling classes that
were to take place during March, April and May.
• No MN CIT meetings will be conducted in person. MN CIT does have the technical tools and capability to
conduct online meetings should staff need to communicate in real time.

• Given MN CIT’s meeting ban, and our commitment to staff and customer health and safety, the MN CIT team
will not be participating in any tradeshows or conferences at this time. Many of these are being rescheduled
to later dates or cancelled altogether. MN CIT will fully participate in these conferences and meetings when it
is deemed safe to do so.
• The MN CIT Staff and Marketing Teams are equipped with virtual tools to remain engaged with our staff and
customers. We will continue to provide updates on our MN CIT Facebook page. Click here for our Facebook

We will continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation closely, and will provide prompt updates to you, as
circumstances dictate.

Stay safe, and be well –