Our Mission

Our mission is to provide law enforcement personnel and mental health professionals with information and training in how to safely and compassionately handle a person in a mental health crisis.

With the help of law enforcement officers and mental health professionals, we provide training to police officers, corrections officers, and mental health providers and professionals on how to successfully build a CIT team.

Responding to a mental health crisis raises a long list of problems for law enforcement, who on average receive only zero to six hours of pre-service training in mental illness. Without adequate preparation and training to respond to a mental health crisis, the results can range anywhere from ineffective to fatal. Officer injury, use of force, arrests and sending people to jail due to lack of better alternatives, hours spent in emergency rooms and even trouble with community relations are all problems officers can face when responding to a mental health crisis.

MN CIT was created with purpose: to train officers to prepare for these types of situations—so that everyone can go home safely.