Mental Health Awarenesscourse training
  • A basic overview of mental illness: schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, mood disorders, cognitive disorders, personality and substance disorders.
  • We will look at the causes and nature of the illnesses, typical patterns of behaviors, common medications, and guidelines for officer response.
  • Meet and hear from a panel of people living with mental illness.
One day – 8 hours/ POST approved - Mental Health Awareness         
$175.00 per attendee

MNCIT Refresher - one day/8 hours/ POST approved (must have attended a MNCIT 40 hour course)
$175.00 per attendee

Fees must be paid at registration.  (10% late fee will be assessed after 60 days)
CIT Skills Training - 40 hours
CIT certification course – 5 days – very intense and interactive. It gives an in-depth look at mental illness and its implications for law enforcement. We cover: schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, mood disorders, cognitive disorders, personality and substance disorders, suicide assessment, adolescent & elder issues, PTSD, excited delirium, suicide by cop, and mental health courts. Advocates and consumers of mental health services speak on their experiences, there are site visits to mental health hospitals and service providers in your area and extensive role play exercises with professional actors.
Cost -  (40 hours credit, POST approved)
 $700.00 per attendee for classes in the Metro area

 $800.00 per attendee for classes in Greater Minnesota. 
  Fees must be paid at registrations.  (10% late will be assessed after
  60 days)  Contact the Training Director @ 763.607.7667 or for more information.

The Training Courses – Who Should Attend ?

Our training is designed for all sworn officers: police, sheriffs, corrections, park police, transit police, DNR officers, state patrol… also, county employees and mental health professionals who desire a more collaborative relationship with law enforcement when coming into contact with someone experiencing a mental health crisis.

How Our Seminars Work

We use a combination of lecture, discussion, activities, and role-plays. We believe in “peer-based training.” In other words, cops should be talking to cops.

We also bring in other stakeholders so you can hear directly from consumers of mental health services, family members, local mental health providers, community resources, court services, advocates, military re-integration, and current CIT officers. But the majority of the time you will be hearing from other law enforcement personnel – their successes, their challenges, their experience and their wisdom.

Come prepared to PARTICIPATE. These are not “butts-in-chairs” workshops

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